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Here's Just Some Of What You'll Be Getting:

  • 12 Week Curriculum On Peak Performance, Flow & Leadership
  • 12 Leadership Development “Experiments” With Accountability & Group Coaching
  • Access to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s FLIGBY flow and leadership simulation and assessment tool
  • Four 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions with FRC Expert Level Coach
  • 12 Weekly Hotseat Group Calls
  • 4 Special Guest Q and A’s
  • 1X Group Q & A Call On Flow & Peak Performance For The People You Lead
  • 1X Access Pass to Zero to Dangerous For Someone You Lead

What Our Clients Say About Our Programs:

"Zero To Dangerous has given me powerful peak performance tools for me to take back control of my life and find balance in my hectic lifestyle."

Chief Marketing Officer Of High Road Ice Cream, The Fastest Growing Ice Cream Manufacturer In The USA


"Being able to drive yourself into that state of incredibly deep focus called flow is the ultimate superpower. Flow Research Collective is the best place in the world to develop that superpower for yourself."

Roy Chung, Co-Founder of Apollo & Serial Entrepreneur


“Training with Steven and the Flow Research Collective has reduced friction in my life, made me happier, and increased my output. Honestly, it’ll probably end up adding millions of dollars to my career.”

Tucker Max, 4 x NYT Bestselling Author & Founder of Scribe


“The value was so huge. My productivity levelled up so fast that it produced the exact new career opportunity I’d been looking for, before I even finished the training! It literally did what it promised faster than I could finish it. It’s really amazing stuff!”

Sean McCormick, Host of the Optimal Performance Podcast with Natural Stacks


“This shit is just next LEVEL! I’ve done Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, everything—this is worth 10x what the Flow Research Collective charges. If you really apply this, it will be THE THING that changes your game forever.”

Bret Lockett, Former NFL Safety, Entrepreneur & Business Consultant


"If you're at all interested in living up to your full potential, flow is the way to get there. Zero to Dangerous gives you all the tools you need to get into flow more often and go full speed ahead after your dreams. I loved every second of this program. The science and psychology behind flow is absolutely fascinating, and there are an unending amount of possible application to both our daily lives and our biggest long-term dreams."

Krysta Stryker, Entrepreneur & Fitness Expert


Climbing Mount Bold will help you become a High-Flow Leader and unleash an unstoppable team of bold action takers operating at accelerated, apex capacity.

There is no deadline, however, the longer you wait, the more time you’re going to burn. Take the plunge, let us help you, and let’s do this thing!


Climbing Mount Bold

Climbing Mount Bold

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