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Turn your current peak performance into your baseline and redefine it every month, by plugging into a collective of peak performers charged with cutting-edge neuroscientific breakthroughs to keep you at the top of your game.

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Be Getting:

  • 1 Peak Performance Accelerated Group Call Every Month

    Surround yourself with peak performers, each of them at the top in their respective fields, multiple times, every month. Be exposed to high-quality questions, strong structures, and better-facilitated interaction, so you’ll get a deeper sense of meaning and experience more intrinsically rewarding flow.

  • 2 Integration & Application Individual Coaching Calls Every month

    Through longer calls (45 min) with your coach, you’ll dive deeper and together design how to take action on your bold goals. You’ll increase your sense of novelty and obtain different perspectives by interacting with multiple coaches.

What Our Clients Say About Our Forever Dangerous:


"This was the best investment in myself that I ever made. Even if it was ten times the cost, I'd still recommend you do it. If you're ambitious you WILL get a return that's many multiples of your investment. I'm mind blown by the change I've experienced".

Stu Porter, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Denham Capital


"Connecting to a group of likeminded leaders is a lifeline in navigating the many changing complex business challenges. I am deeply grateful for the practical content, insightful coaching and the support of a broadly experienced peer group to learn with and from. It’s a dynamic repository of talismans and brain science pearls made practical with the insightful guidance of an experienced group of change agents that helps you unlock brain capacity."

Brenda Lau, Founder and Medical Director at CHANGEpain Clinic


"The program has provided me with knowledge that is indispensable for my growth as a human being, giving me the tools to advance myself personally and professionally on levels that I never thought were possible to attain. I am thoroughly grateful for the course and would recommend it to absolutely everyone who has the drive to achieve great heights in their lives."

Neha Parmar, Entrepreneur


"The equivalent of reading 100+ business books, distilling the most important insights, and making them easy to grasp and actionable. The program offers a great combination of videos, worksheets, additional resources, and weekly meetings with your cohort that allow you to digest the material and enable you to dig deeper on the topics that interest you the most. Your cohort coach and a personal coach guide you the process and attend to your specific needs."

Jorge Touche, Chief Financial Officer at Lamosa


Imagine enacting the Zero To Dangerous protocols for a year, without fail.

The difference between having to learn, process, and wrap your head around these concepts versus automatically deploying them in your life over the long-haul cannot be overstated.

Your current peak becomes your baseline.



Forever Dangerous - Incentive Offer

Forever Dangerous - Incentive Offer

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