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  • Access to 30+ hours of cutting-edge training to master the science of flow state and peak performance so you can apply it with your clients! — ($6000 value)
  • 8 One-on-One deep dive coaching sessions, consisting of:
    - Coaching sessions with an expert level Flow Research Collective peak performance coach to help you unblock whatever’s holding you back the most — ($2500 value)
    - Coaching Sessions with our instructors to help you create your own, unique research project that you can immediately use with your clients — ($1500 value)
  • Lifetime access to weekly group coaching, facilitated by our peak performance coaches for ongoing accountability, support and feedback — ($3000 value)
  • Lifetime access to the Flow Research Collective digital community so you can connect with other incredible coaches, facilitators and consultants for collaboration, promotion and more! — ($1500 value)
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What Our Clients Say About High Flow Coaching: 


"Having abandoned a normal life path and all the security that comes with it in favor of being a ski instructor, I wanted something that would allow me to take my client work to the next level. Training with the Flow Research Collective has done exactly that and more. The skills I've learnt are invaluable."

Christine Davidson, Professional Ski Instructor and Yoga Teacher


"As an entrepreneur within the health and wellbeing space, understanding the neuroscience of flow and peak states is incredibly helpful for me. It's a huge differentiator with my clients, and I got the best understanding of this stuff that I possibly could have from training with The Flow Research Collective."

Doug Cartwright, Founder of The Daily Shifts


"High Flow Coaching transformed my practice. While I have not considered myself a “coach”, as an attorney I guide my clients daily through high-stress situations that can have life changing—even mortal—consequences. Understanding the essence of flow—the neurobiology, the triggers, the blockers—enables me to help my clients to be their best when they are at their worst. And it crystalized my belief that life is a work of art where nothing is impossible."

K.C. Maxwell, Attorney


"After High Flow Coaching, I feel like I actually have the tools needed to help people create the impossible. That's what learning about the neuroscience of flow has done for me and my understanding of how to work with clients. You've got to do it, but man, the results are very much worth it."

Rick Petry, Founder of Full Spectrum Human Leadership


"I'm a total certification junkie. I've done every certification under the sun, yet I've still learnt an immense amount doing High Flow Coaching with the Flow Research Collective, and would recommend it to anyone regardless of how much you feel you already know."

Ryan Glatt, Brain Health & Neuroscience Psychometrist


High Flow Coaching is the world's best training to help you become an embodied expert in the neuroscience of flow and peak performance. You'll learn everything there is to know about flow states, why they matter and how to bring them into your client relationships.

There is no deadline for High Flow Coaching. However the longer you wait, the more time it's going to be until you’ve leveled up your game to bring the clients the results they’re waiting for!


High Flow Coaching Upgrade

High Flow Coaching Upgrade

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